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Berry’s Showcase: Aurora Collection

There are so many advantages to wearing gemstone jewellery, but choosing the right piece can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Our Aurora jewellery collection here at Berry’s compiles some of our favourite handmade designs in one place. Gemstone jewellery has been worn and enjoyed for centuries. The coloured stones incorporated into some of our Aurora jewellery designs have a significant meaning to some wearers – others represent a particular month of the year, making them great options to gift to a loved one on their birthday.

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought we’d take the opportunity to showcase some of our favourite designs from this well-loved collection, giving you some inspiration in preparation for the festive season – and after such a year of uncertainty – we feel there’s nothing better than finishing the year off with a showstopping gift.

There are many reasons to take advantage of our gemstone jewellery right now. Some pieces are on offer for a limited time, others make for wonderful gift options if you’re planning on pulling out all the stops for Christmas 2020. Our Aurora jewellery collection is home to matching pieces or designs that will pair easily with other similar designs from our entire catalogue. Gemstone earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants can all be found within our compelling range of Arora jewellery designs.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourites…

Aurora bracelets and bangles

The gemstone bracelets and bangles from our Aurora range are simple and elegant. Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies feature in this range as well as precious metal finishes in 18ct white gold and 18ct rose gold.

This 18ct white gold Sapphire and diamond bangle is a contemporary design that boasts alternating square Shaped sapphires and diamonds in a row. The stones are set inside an 18ct white gold channel setting which adds visible style and brilliance to the wrist. Gemstones that are secured inside channel-type settings are also a practical option for women wanting to wear their favourite piece of jewellery every single day. The setting in this white gold Sapphire and diamond bangle protects each stone whilst at the same time, drawing attention to the design. The deep blue tones of the Sapphire and crisp white fire of each beautifully set diamond featured in this Aurora bracelet will make for a beautiful gift idea for September-born ladies too.

Aurora dress rings:

Our Berry’s Aurora dress rings selection is home to Aquamarine, Ruby and Emeralds. If you’re planning on seeing the end of the year through in style, no piece of jewellery is more fitting than an exquisite diamond and gemstone dress ring.

This magnificent step-cut Aquamarine gemstone sits inside a lustrous platinum setting boasting captivating shades of blue as light hits its stunning faceted edges. The step-cut shape of the gemstone puts it on centre stage, held inside a classic polished platinum claw setting. Flanked at both sides are two baguette-cut diamonds that graduate in size. Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March but this Aurora dress ring will also make for a nice addition to winter attire, thanks to its crisp blue hue.

Aurora eternity rings:

Eternity rings are characterized by a row of identically-sized diamonds or coloured gemstones that continue around the entire band. As their namesake suggests, half-set eternity rings feature stones around just the top half of the band. Our selection of Aurora eternity rings includes Sapphire designs and Ruby designs, enhanced by the fire and brilliance of the classic diamond.

This Ruby and diamond eternity ring is a timeless staple to add to the hand. Its elegant row of gemstones and diamonds are meticulously set onto a meticulously polished platinum band. The rich pink tones of the Ruby signify love and passion and are each held inside a classic four claw setting. Interspersed by alternating round brilliant-cut diamonds, this Ruby Aurora eternity ring is the ultimate piece of jewellery to gift to a loved one at Christmas or to mark a special anniversary milestone.

Aurora earrings

Gemstone earrings are the ultimate way to add a touch of colour to your outfit. Whether you opt for subtle shades or vivid accents, our Aurora designs are all delicately crafted paying attention to the smaller details of each design. Our collection of Aurora earrings includes Blue Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Emeralds. Rubies. Amethysts and Aquamarine.

These alluring Amethyst and diamond earrings add a touch of femininity and opulence to any special evening attire. The faceted Amethyst gemstone takes pride of place at the bottom of the design. A row of scintillating round brilliant-cut diamonds is arranged down the entire length of the earring, securing the drop design to the ears. A polished triangular-shaped bale attaches the magnificent rich purple Amethyst stone to the diamond drop and has been crafted from 18ct white gold to match the rest of the design. Our beautiful Berry’s Aurora Amethyst and diamond drop earrings secure to the ears with an 18ct white gold post and butterfly fastening – perfect for a self-indulgent treat this winter season.

Aurora necklaces:

Sapphires, Beryls, Emeralds, Rubies, Peridots and Blue Topaz stones are just a few examples of the colourful gemstone we feature in our range of Aurora necklaces at Berry’s Jewellers. Perfect for a special occasion or for adding to a favourite dress, our collection is varied and versatile for pairing with other creations from the rest of the range.

The stunning green shades of the pear-cut Emerald showcased in this magnificent Aurora necklace is sure to get any lady noticed. Its captivating tones of deep green are synonymous with the month of May but this design is worthy of any anniversary or Christmas gift idea this year. The design, which has been crafted from lustrous 18ct white gold melds a contemporary styling with a traditional finish. The pear-cut Emerald is suspended from a beautiful white gold chain. An upside-down pear-cut diamond attaches the vivid green gemstone to the necklace, securing to the back of the neck with a practical hoop fastening.

If you’d like additional information on any of the spectacular pieces of Aurora jewellery we’ve shown in this blog, please speak to a member of our sales team today, who will be more than happy to run through everything you need to know before making a purchase.