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Everything You Need To Know To Choose The Perfect Necklace

Everything You Need To Know To Choose The Perfect Necklace
From knowing what the different lengths are to how to style them best, this is the only guide you need to read before buying your next necklace from Berry’s. They may seem like the simplest thing to throw on and forget about, however paying a bit of attention to your necklaces can actually be transformative. It’s not that we want to add another woe to your wardrobe but making different lengths and styles work with both your clothes and your proportions can make your neck look longer and your décolletage more defined. Now who doesn’t want that?


Before we get to how to style necklaces effectively, let’s talk lengths. Generally speaking there are five common ones:


One of the shorter styles you can find, usually around 16 inches, and sits at the base of the neck, just above the collarbones. If you don’t have a particularly long neck, it might be best to avoid collarettes. Because of where they sit neck-wise, they can make it look shorter.


One of the most common lengths because it is so flattering. It drapes across the collar bones and usually has a pendant or detail that sits in the suprasternal notch (or space between your collar bones).

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This can be anywhere from 18 -24 inches and looks great when layered with a princess length.


Measuring from 24-32 inches, this is a more dramatic style that can also be wound twice around the neck to create a layered look. Those with a larger bust might find this length sits a bit awkwardly so should opt for the shorter iteration of this style so it rests on the décolletage rather than hanging over the bust.

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Any style that is longer than 32 inches. These can come in a variety of styles from strands of pearls to chains to pendants and can often be wound around the neck various numbers of times to create different looks.
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Which necklace for which neckline?

We’re not suggesting you can’t just wear whatever you like, but why would you want to invest in a necklace only to have it play second fiddle to your top? Here’s some ways you can help your wardrobe to work with your jewellery rather than against it.


V’s go with v’s. If you’re going to have a plunging neckline there’s no point in coming over all coy with a round necklace. So, take the plunge with both your top and your jewellery.


Whether you’re a “buttons done up” or a “few undone” person the best options here are princess or opera. We’re particular fans of a statement princess under a crisp white collar.

Low-cut or strapless

This is easy to recall – just remember every Disney princess has a dress with either of these necklines, so pick a princess necklace. If you’re going strapless after dark, however, nothing can beat the drama of a choker. Pearls are more demure, but for full-on glamour it’s diamonds all the way.

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Polo necks

Still a fashion favourite for this winter, especially when worn under your summer midi dress and the best necklace for this style is opera or rope. You’re already lengthening the neck with the polo so anything high up will just look fussy.

One-shoulder or halter

As the neckline of your top is already making a statement here, don't muddy the waters with a necklace. Go for a chandelier earring instead.
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Sartorial tips

Mix your chains

The chain links on a necklace can come in different styles. Rolo has round links, cables are more oval, rope looks like rope, wheat has a plaited look to it, mesh appears woven and snake is scaly. If you’re going to experiment with layering, especially with princess and opera lengths, mixing your chain types will prevent tangling. It also looks great if you mix your metals too.

Fope Layering

Odds work best

When layering, odd numbers of chains tend to look best. Most people adhere to a rule of three but for a more dramatic look then five can make a bold statement.

Play with your hair

Chokers look even more amazing with an updo, while dramatic v-styles work well with hair pulled to the side. When you’ve got your neckline and your necklace working together, experimenting with your hair can add an extra element of transformation.

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