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September Birthstone- Sapphire

Berry’s September Birthstone Blog:

September is here again which means it’s time to talk about the stunning Sapphire gemstone. The birthstone for September is not only worn by those ladies sharing their birthday with this special stone, however – It is also loved for its versatile use in many jewellery designs, from three stone sapphire and diamond rings, to baguette-cut sapphire and diamond bangles – even a pair of delicate cushion cut sapphire and diamond drop earrings.

If you’re a regular customer of Berry’s beautiful gemstone jewellery designs, or in fact, if you have been following our blog posts for a while – you’ll have caught a glimpse of our magnificent sapphire and diamond jewellery pieces from time to time. It’s one of our favourite gemstones to find an excuse to talk about, not only for its mesmerising blue colour, but for the history behind its beauty. Despite sapphire being one of the most recognised and unmistakable gemstones used in modern jewellery today, some uncertainly surrounded its discovery during the middle ages, hence the story of the delightful sapphire gemstone began…..

The history of the Sapphire gemstone:

It was not until the 1800’s that sapphire was discovered to be the same mineral as ruby – Corundum – the hardest rock forming mineral after the popular diamond. Before that, many blue stones were labelled as Lapis Lazuli. Until the 1800’s however, sapphire was called a number of different names like “oriental topaz” and “oriental peridot” depending on its colour. Aside from pink, yellow and green, the most common and universally loved colour of sapphire is that of the cornflower blue type.  The rich colours seen in ruby and sapphire are due to chemical impurities – sapphire’s colour is caused by iron and titanium, whilst ruby’s vivid colour is caused by traces of chromium.  The most desired sapphires however used to come from Kashmir in India, where their dramatic blue shades are enhanced by a silky sheen.

Why do we love Sapphire so much?

Aside from it being the birthstone for September, sapphire gemstone jewellery has always remained a speciality here at Berry’s. Not only do our very own exclusive designs feature the likes of this alluring stone, but we also source an array of breath-taking sapphire necklaces, sapphire bracelets and sapphire rings that are, in many designs, combined with sparkling diamonds to bring a modern yet glamorous touch to any lady’s attire. Our sapphire and diamond engagement rings and dress rings make for the perfect September birthday gift, and are finished with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the perfect balance between the gemstone’s wonderful blue hue and the silk-like polish of its metal setting is achieved to the highest standard. Some of our favourite sapphire jewellery designs are those featuring a magnificent pear cut sapphire gemstone, enhanced by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds. With a matching ring, necklace and pair of drop earrings available from our collections, completing a wedding dress or a smart dinner dress is an effortless task.

View Berry’s Platinum Pear Sapphire And Diamond Halo Surround Fancy Ring here

View Berry’s 18ct White Gold Two Pear Shape Sapphires & Diamond Pendant here

Despite sapphire being one of the most opulent and valuable gemstones, it can easily carry off a simplistic and modern look for those who enjoy a purist style. Two of our favourite precious metals to use with sapphires are white gold and platinum. Our
white gold round brilliant cut sapphire & diamond bracelet for example, creates a minimalist look on the wrist thanks to the round cut sapphires and diamonds which attract the light creating a mesmerising dazzle as the lady turns her wrist. The contemporary bracelet can be paired with our white gold sapphire and diamond square pendant, which mirrors the streamlined angles of the precious gemstone, along with a diamond finish that is sure to get you noticed in a crowd.

View Berry’s 18ct White Gold Round Brilliant Cut Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet here

View Berry’s 18ct White Gold Sapphire And Diamond Surround Square Pendant here

If you’re a vintage jewellery lover, we have a compelling collection of period style jewellery pieces that feature large cut sapphire gemstones and diamonds for adding character to any outfit. Take, for example, our 18ct white gold oval sapphire & diamond set surround ring, adorned with an elegant diamond set surround enhanced by millgrain detailing which altogether catches the light and draws the focus towards its deep blue centre which features an attention-grabbing oval sapphire gemstone.

View Berry’s 18ct White Gold Oval Sapphire & Diamond Set Surround Ringhere

Aside from September’s birthstone being so beautiful, it is also believed to have meta-physical benefits. Known as the wisdom stone, Sapphire is said to help focus the mind, release unwanted thoughts and instil a sense of calm. So, if you’re looking for the best birthday gifts for a September girl. Sapphire jewellery is certainly the way to go this month.