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If you wear a watch, you look at it more than thirty times a day, and that’s why Nomos Glashutte pull out all the stops when it comes to creating these luxury wristwatches for all occasions. The timepieces are hand developed and hand assembled in Glashutte, Germany by some of the company’s 260 employees. Each and every one of these artisan craftsmen pours his or her heart and soul into each creation, using their skill and knowledge in the art of watchmaking to create powerful yet unique designs that can be matched with no other in the world. White gold Nomos watches are the epitome of class and elegance. The designs are grand yet refined. Discreet yet uniquely eye catching. It is not until you really look into the smaller details of a white gold Nomos watch, that you begin to appreciate everything that the company stands for – reliability, performance and beauty.

White gold Nomos watches are perfect for adding to a sophisticated evening suit. Combine one of these beautiful timekeeping instruments with a pair of white gold cufflinks on a dinner suit, or wear with a smart jeans and jacket combo at the weekend. Whether a young entrepreneur or a retired gentleman, our collection of Nomos white gold watches cater for all tastes and styles. We invite you to take a browse through this beautiful collection at your own leisure, and explore the true Nomos spirit within these luxury wristwatches. Nomos’ gold collection comprises of unique pieces that count among the best that has ever come from Glashutte. The Lambda and Lux family are those that are recognised for showcasing striking white gold cases and fine, elegant bezels.

The Nomos Lux Weißgold watch and the Nomos Lux Weißgold hell are creations steeped in values that are highly respected among watch connoisseurs pf today. The handcrafted movements promise endurance and reliability above all else, whilst the shape of the case differs from the norm within the Nomos universe. A choice between a clean, modern white dial or a white galvanized and light blue dial is offered – the latter of which mimics the beautiful clear skies above Glashutte. As with so many Nomos watches, a small second dial is among one of the familiar features of this beautiful design.

The Nomos Glashutte Lambda Tiefblau 42 White Gold timepiece is a sensational design from our collection of white gold watches here at Berry’s. It spans a broad 42mm diameter across the wrist and presents times on a seductive deep blue dial. White gold plated hands match the polished bezel surrounding the dial, whilst the only touch of colour comes from the last remaining hour of power reserve on the indicator etched onto the blue backdrop under the 12 o’clock location. Of course, a Nomos watch would not be a Nomos watch without a small second feature at 6 o’clock – it creates balance across the dial, creating an almost astrological-inspired look once combined with the power reserve indicator. The impeccable DUW 1001 movement lies at the very heart of this design. Its beautiful decoration can be admired through a sapphire crystal glass caseback, which allows the wearer a unique view into the heart of Nomos’ technical capability as a world-renowned watchmaker.