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Klokers watches are designed to reclaim precious, fleeting time. The concept of these “time travelling” machines are not solely manufactured to provide the wearer with a reference for time, but are an opportunity to express individuality, creativeness and personality. Each timepiece features Kloker’s patented interchangeable system which allows the head of the watch to be effortlessly removed from the strap, to create endless styles and finishes for every imaginable occasion.

The Kloker-01 timepiece strikes the perfect balance between playfulness and technical innovation. The eye-catching watch which features a disk concept is a rarity within the watch industry. Through meticulous construction and superb execution, the Kloker-01 takes inspirational cues from the circular slide rule. The elegant and simplistic layout of the dial features three rings rotating at different speeds, enhanced via a magnifying lens to provide the wearer with a beautiful legible dial. A push button at 8 o’clock allows the head to be unlocked from its base. From there, either the blue, grey or yellow dial can be combined with various coloured straps including; Indigo Blue, Brown, Yellow Newport, Orange Alcantara, and Grey Alcantara, Satin Black or Matte Black. The 5m water resistant case developed by Klokers from metal-polymer composite, provides a durable, futuristic finish. Lavet-type bidirectional and energy efficient micro-motor technology allows the three rings to rotate synergistically together. Slide rules were largely used until the 1970’s- a nod to the brand’s “time travelling” concept.

The beautiful Kloker-02 collection uses the same platform as its predecessor, yet displays time in a completely unique way. The lugless 43mm case design constructed from the same high-grade materials, gives the Kloker watch a sophisticated edge. Time-reading once again, is delivered via an exciting new concept. Its domed crystal glass is split in half, showing a layered dial at one end and a textured black surface on the other. The notion of the black semi-circle adds a sense of mystery and grandeur to the design. The revealed section of the dial is structured into two layers. The top layer hides the hands to provide a stunning float-effect. Beneath is an arcing index with a minute hand indicator. A beautiful keyhole feature on the second half of the watch features a jump hour with city mode- the perfect travellers companion. Utilising the familiar proprietary push-button strap/accessories tech, as seen in the Kloker-01 design, the watch can be enjoyed in various different ways and can be combined with different accessories to really make the most out of Kloker’s unique time reading technology.

Aside from an array of colourful single and double bands to accentuate the beauty of the Kloker-01 and Kloker-02  designs, a modular storage case for everyday life, can soon transform into a suitcase for your watch. The pouch created from black grain-effect imitation suede material, is able to hold your Klokers watches as well as a number of other important travelling accessories. The wearer can travel in comfort, whilst safe in the knowledge that their Kloker’s watches and accompanying straps, together with pocket holders for a book, phone, headphones, USB keys, pencils and glasses etc, are all secured in one safe place.