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Manual Hublot watches are designed for horological connoisseurs. Those who can naturally appreciate the technique and the detailing that goes into one of these masterpieces. It has always been considered Hublot’s duty to manufacture mechanical watches that demonstrate a depth of complexity and rarity. Their team of expert designers, skilled artisans and experienced craftsmen, have become a family over the years – each individual sharing the same passion and drive for achieving the best in watch design. As an official UK stockist of manual Hublot watches here at Berry’s, we are pleased to showcase examples of the Swiss-company’s proudest designs to date. Whether you are looking for something discreet and refined for wearing each day of the week, or in search of a manual winding watch to enjoy hands-on experience with Hublot’s unbeatable manufacture – there is a design out there for every watch lover.

For many Hublot fans, the best watchmaking comes from the company’s manual winding watches which feature classic design elements and a rawness that is hard to find in any other type of luxury wristwatch. As Hublot are all about bringing their time-honoured watchmaking techniques through to their modern methods, and honouring a rich heritage that has brought them so much success over the years - these designs offer the very best in quality and bring an authentic touch to timekeeping. We welcome you to peruse our collection of manual winding Hublot watches, and should you require any further information, please speak to a member of our dedicated watch team who will be happy to provide delivery information as well as extra spec details.

Collectors of high-end horology will agree that finding the perfect manual winding watch is to find one with just the right beauty-to-complexity ratio. No one element need dominate the other – moreover, both should compliment one another. Hublot’s watches strike the perfect balance between elegant aesthetics and quality movement manufacture. The fine finishes of each component that makes up a manual winding movement, has been carried out to the very highest standards – they are indeed, examples of intensive craftsmanship.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Manual watch is a design for those who love simple dial designs. The wearer must turn the crown multiple times in order to wind the mainspring and store potential energy. Over time the mainspring slowly unwinds, releasing energy through a series of gears and springs. This energy then powers the polished finished stainless steel hands on the dial. The Hublot Caliber HUB 1300 movement is a masterpiece in itself. It beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour and is composed of 130 individual parts, containing 23 jewels. It also offers an approximate power reserve of 90 hours - perfect for those busy weekends away from home. The watch features a sumptuous black dial with an off-centre small seconds sub-scale positioned between 7 and 8 o’clock. The simplicity of the dial is complemented further with a traditional black alligator strap to interact with the silvery lustre of the watch’s lightweight titanium case.