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White gold CHANEL watches are crafted from a tradition that combines watchmaking and jewellery expertise all rolled into one. With timepieces crafted from rose gold, white gold and ceramic, designers at CHANEL's French fashion house can be sure that they are fulfilling what their audience considers to be important in a luxury wristwatch. A watch made from exquisite materials not only looks wonderful on the wrist of the style-conscious lady or gent, but it also feels precious and can be worn like a piece of jewellery. White gold CHANEL watches are incredibly popular due to their luxurious feel when dressed with an elegant evening ensemble. The beautiful lustre of a white gold bezel can be all that is needed to add a touch of finesse to any outfit, be it for daytime wear, or for an evening event. Of course, a watch with a jewellery finish is desirable for many ladies in search of a timepiece that will serve as a practical and elegant-looking tool during the day. Thus a white good CHANEL watch will transform into something captivating by night. White gold CHANEL watches will go hand-in-hand with white gold wedding bands or engagement rings, not to mention a stack of white gold bangles on the opposite wrist. With so many ways to wear a white gold CHANEL watch, all that is really left to do is to find the perfect timepiece to match your personality.

As an official stockist of white gold CHANEL watches here at Berry's, we realise the value that a beautiful investment piece can make for the future. The watch must last for years and years to come. It must deliver on a practical level as much as it does aesthetically. CHANEL white gold watches are investible for so many different reasons. They are family heirlooms to be handed down from one generation to the next, thanks to their everlasting beauty. From the moment a CHANEL watch is worn on the wearer's wrist, a unique story begins. It is to this story that chapters are added, from one family member to another, adding a value and a worth that is personal to the wearer alone.

French designers at CHANEL have truly perfected the art of combining white gold metal with exquisite high-end materials. A diamond embellished bezel or a refined black leather strap are all examples of how the Maison always get the balance just right. White gold watches can be enjoyed by ladies and gentlemen alike. A smooth polished white gold case can add a sophisticated finish to a gentleman’s suit for a day in the office, whereas for a lady – a white gold CHANEL watch could be combined with a simple black cocktail dress and a pair of heels to enhance a sophisticated look.

The CHANEL BOY.FRIEND Medium watch crafted from white gold, is a regal timepiece for the elegant lady's wrist. Diamonds have been added to the bezel as well as the buckle, whilst a silver opaline dial had been chosen so that it can be worn with almost every colour of clothing imaginable. The simplicity of the dial is admirable. Just a plain date window and the “Chanel” motif is all that is needed to echo the company's dedication to creating wristwatches with a practical beauty. The quartz movement sitting at the centre of the design promises round-the-clock precision – perfect for those ladies with a fast, on-the-go lifestyle, whilst the stunning 18ct white gold case is the perfect way to add a premium look to everyday style.