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Designed to serve the wearer in the most challenging of missions, Breitling Steel watches are engineered from start to finish at the brand’s headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland. To withstand extreme conditions, they must protect their internal mechanism from factors such as shock, vibration, impact pressure and heat as well as light damage and moisture damage. The technical complexity of Breitling’s choice in materials is profound and it is these set of principles that have led to such world-wide appreciation for stainless steel Breitling watches.  That does not go to say however, that the maison’s developments with other high-end materials are not equally if more, impressive. But for some loyal Breitling watch fans, simplicity and reliability will always be found in a classic stainless steel watch.

There is a huge choice in design when it comes to stainless steel Breitling watches. Whether it be a companion for a lady or for a gent, a present or a gesture, a milestone or an important anniversary reached. Combined with high-end aesthetics, there is very little not to love about a classic steel Breitling watch. We welcome you to take a look through our collection here at Berry’s, where a style and a design can be found for all. Make a list of your requirements and a suitable spec – the rest is easy! If you have a particular steel Breitling watch in mind but cannot see it on our website, a member of our friendly team of staff will be more than willing to help to source it for you. As official stockists of Breitling watches in steel, we are most proud of our selection of popular favourites.


Using only top class metals, Breitling’s choice to use 316L antimagnetic stainless steel alloy for their iconic creations is a clever one. It provides utmost protection to the internally fitted mechanical and quartz operated movements, as well as the other components used in the genetic makeup of each timepiece. Water resistance is impregnated into the casing and guaranteed by highly sophisticated systems which carry out the technology before the watch is subject to stringent quality tests to check its reliability. A stamping (swagging) process is carried out on all Stainless Steel Breitling watches as well as those crafted from gold. Firstly the case middle blanks are fired out – cut from a metal bar. Further swagging operations are carried out to give the watch its final definitive shape. The case middle is then heated to temperatures of 1100° C to re-stabilise the metal. The round parts of a stainless steel Breitling watch are then turned and the complex geometrical shapes are carved from milling-cutting. Lastly, polishing, satin-brushing or bead-blasting are some of the final stages of case manufacture. Depending on taste, designs such as the Breitling Avenger II Steel watch for example, showcase the fine brushed effects of this technology on the surface of the metal. For a more refined look, models such as the Breitling Galactic 42 Trophy watch and the Breitling Chronomat 41 Onyx watch are polished to perfection.