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All Bremont watches house the very finest in mechanical movements. From the sleek and stylish Bremont ALT1-P watches showcasing their chronograph functions in a trio of subscales against black and cream dials, to the Bremont Solo watches – simple and classic innovations that house impeccable movements offering an impressive 42 hour power reserve – each and every mechanical Bremont watch has something unique to offer.

Every single watch bearing the world-recognised Bremont name, is chronometer tested. After this, each timepiece is subject to stringent testing and a thorough quality control programme to deem the instrument suitable before gracing the wrists of the elite of the watch-wearing world. Those with a love for Bremont watches and share the same passion as the pair of innovative brothers who founded them, will already be aware that every watch within the Bremont collection is accompanied by a certificate of performance, which is issued via the ‘Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres’ (C.O.S.C). This certificate confirms that the movement has passed all precision tests necessary to be adorned to the wrist of its lucky owner.

Whether Bremont’s in-house movements are showcased through an exquisite sapphire crystal glass back or not, each one is executed to perfection, using the highest level of craftsmanship, thanks to a team of talented artisans who dedicate their life to producing these pieces of fine art. Every automatic Bremont watch is guaranteed an accuracy of between -4 and +6 seconds per day. The BWC/01 for example, is a movement that has been produced in collaboration with Bremont’s Swiss partners. Some of the components are part developed in Britain with these experts, whilst others are manufactured in Bremont’s workshops in the UK.

The complete process of chronometer certification for a mechanical Bremont watch can take up to 15 days. This is due to the instruments being tested in a range of different positions and temperatures. Each and every single automatic Bremont watch is 99.9% accurate. With only a -4 to +6 seconds leeway for anomaly and 86,400 seconds in a single day – it is not difficult to see how Bremont watches, for their price point, offer exceptional quality.

The movement inside each mechanical Bremont watch is also housed inside a state-of-the-art anti-magnetic Faraday cage. This allows the movement to withstand the damaging effects of magnetism. Any potentially harmful magnetic fields are routed around the movement, thanks to the soft iron Faraday cage allowing the beating heart to tick away seamlessly inside its robust housing. Thanks to Bremont’s case hardening B-EBE2000 technology, (which simultaneously increases the scratch resistant capabilities of the case), and the company’s Trick-Tick construction – these movements are offered the very best in protection when it comes to being free from heat, shock, vibration, magnetism, moisture and impact.

Bremont’s technology does, without a doubt, put these impeccable timekeeping instruments at the very forefront of innovation. By combining their love for all things mechanically engineered, and their passion for the military aircraft industry, the Bremont brothers have managed to achieve something incredibly unique and quintessentially British in an automatic wristwatch of today’s world.