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Nomos Glashutte Watches - Expert Engineering With Distinct Aesthetics


Nomos watches are expertly engineered timepieces that celebrate tradition, whilst embracing progression. The passing of time, for this brand at least, means the discovery of new materials and the unravelling of problem-solving skills needed in order to reach perfection. These fine timekeeping specimens now grace the wrists of the elite and have proved to be an unfathomable success for male and female audience in all four corners of the globe. Particularly proud of their in-house movements and the skills of their design team, who construct 95% of each watch’s DNA within Glashutte, Saxony - the brand has changed very little about their watchmaking methods since 1990. Each Nomos Glashutte watch has been crafted with meticulous care and a keen eye for detail – skills considered paramount in reaching levels of the highest calibre in fine luxury watchmaking. 

Nomos watches are respected for their innovations and patented designs. Their date functions for example, which are mounted onto rubies and then set around the movement, give the case of the watch a slimmer, flatter appearance along with an undeniable elegance. The crescent shaped power reserve indicators of Nomos Glashutte watches are another patented product, adding leverage to the brand’s criteria for quality and their unbeatable knowledge within the luxury watchmaking industry. 

Working with the likes of the Technical University of Dresden and the Fraunhofer Institute, has resulted in Nomos’ ability to create their very own gear wheel train, along with many other developments, fused with the highest quality materials, to create memorable timepieces with a distinct aesthetic. Their very first in-house built automatic movement was crafted in 2005 followed shortly by their first world time function. The DUW 5201 movement was implemented inside the Zürich Weltzeit and the Tangomat GMT models to equip the wearer with a 24 hour mechanical timepiece, enhanced by the beauty of an independently engineered internal movement. Since then the world has seen the launch of Nomos Glashutte’s manufactured swing system, and their DUW 3001 movement which promises ultimate precision and an incredibly slender profile. 

Located in the eastern Ore Mountains, nestled between green hills and luscious forests, the small town of Glashutte in Berlin, provides the perfect location for the creation of Nomos’ finest masterpieces. The backdrop to their workshop welcomes clarity, tranquility and a huge source of inspiration for the brand’s highly skilled craftsmen, who draw upon patience and a steady hand to produce each and every one of their designs, seeing them through from the original pencil sketches to the final finishing touches. 

Inspired by the cosmopolitan, art loving culture of Berlin, each Nomos watch has been seasoned with delicate nods to the brand’s famous origin. Our cherry picked selections of beautifully crafted wristwatches from this world-leading brand, consists of the iconic Nomos Ahoi, Nomos, Metro, Nomos Minimatik, Nomos Tangente and Nomos Zurich collections. With a distinguishable design enhanced by classic leather straps and vast sapphire crystal glass fronts, these timepieces will resonate with ladies and gentleman with a natural affection for simple, traditional timekeeping instruments. 

Nomos Club watches, Nomos Ludwig watches and Nomos Orion watches are all popular luxury watches, for those looking for a timepiece that will serve as a daily companion, as well as a sophisticated accessory for smart evening attire, whereas the Nomos Tangomat watch offers a design that delivers a contemporary elegance to the wrist of the younger generation of luxury watch wearers. 









Metro Neomatik Nachtblau 35 Automatic Strap Watch


Available from £46.50 per month.

Orion 33 Rose Index Dial Ladies Manual Wind Ladies Watch


Available from £30.75 per month.

Zurich Weltzeit White Dial & Leather Strap Automatic Watch


Available from £81.37 per month.