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MontBlanc Writing instruments, Leather goods, Elegant Jewellery, Watches

Writing instruments. Leather goods. Elegant Jewellery. Watches. All areas of expertise that have been well and truly mastered by this iconic brand. MontBlanc first accomplished perfection with their Meisterstück fountain pen in the year of 1924. By combining their meticulous vision, with the finest of European craftsmanship – a handmade masterpiece from start to finish was born into the hands of the everyday office worker, the businessman, the pilot, the doctor. Here at Berry’s, we stock some of the most iconic MontBlanc pens of their entire collection, including MontBlanc Starwalker pens, the MontBlanc Bentley GT pens and the MontBlanc Princess Grace De Monaco pens. From then onwards, MontBlanc secured a somewhat cult-like following, expanding on their writing instrument collections to go hand-in-hand with their next voyage. Swiss manufactured wristwatches.

MontBlanc watches blend tradition with innovation, to present a vibrant collection of watches that equip pioneers of the world with precision, quality and functionality. With a selection of MontBlanc quartz watches and MontBlanc manually wound watches awaiting – a style and design is sure to be found for every individual and every requirement. Some of the brand’s finest watches include the likes of MontBlanc Heritage watches, MontBlanc Star watches, MontBlanc Boheme watches and MontBlanc Timewalker watches. Each timepiece is beautifully crafted in Switzerland. The home of MontBlanc is Montre S.A in Le Locle, situated 1,000 metres above sea level and a far stretch from the busy hustle and bustle of the city streets. Incredibly, up to 300 hours are dedicated to perfecting the balance, the art and the mechanics of each unique structure. It is this individuality and uniqueness that has lent itself to MontBlanc’s huge success. 

By manufacturing products for the luxury market, MontBlanc have perfected the art of creating an exquisite writing culture over the last few decades, and have graced the wrists of many individuals in need of quality timekeeping instruments for every occasion. The MontBlanc star emblem has become the trademark for the brand – a symbol of reliability, luxury and unmistakable beauty. The shape represents the snow capped peak of Mont Blanc itself – the highest mountain in Europe. In 2004, MontBlanc worked in cooperation with UNICEF to raise awareness and funds for illiteracy. 149 celebrities were asked to create personal written statements highlighting what they loved most about writing. Each statement created with a MontBlanc Meisterstruck 149 fountain pen (engraved with each celebrities signature), was auctioned off and all proceedings went to UNICEF. The brand went on to further support UNICEF with 10% donations given to the organisation, from the success of their 2009 “Signature For Good” collection.

In 2008 MontBlanc launched their first ever manufactured movement. The creation had been developed within MontBlanc’s very own workshops and integrated with the Nicolas Rieussec Monopusher Chronograph movement – a tribute to the inventor of the chronograph. Whether it be the MontBlanc fountain pens that captivate with their beautifully carved nibs, or our exquisite collection of MontBlanc watches – perfectly tuned machines designed with precision – our MontBlanc selection is sure to delight in some way or another. Browse our excellent MontBlanc Leather Pen Pouches and our MontBlanc Leather Wallets collections for more inspiration.  

MontBlanc Watches




MontBlanc watches preserve the beauty and importance of traditional Swiss manufacturing. Remaining faithful to original watchmaking methods within their in-house workshops, MontBlanc’s iconic watch collections are representative of the brand’s determination to achieve three core brand values: reliability, perfection, durability. MontBlanc have high expectations that run not only throughout the hands and minds of their master watchmakers, but their entire company ethos. Under a trained eye and the intuition of some of the world’s most skilful pioneers, each MontBlanc watch is crafted with passion and meticulous care. Whether it be a delicate balance wheel or the perfectly chamfered edges of a central-mounted hand - each individual component of a MontBlanc watch demands respect, offering an unmatchable style for every kind of individual. MontBlanc remain one of the very few original Swiss watchmaking companies, who design each masterpiece from start to finish by hand. 





MontBlanc leather wallets and other leather goods, offer a unique blend of passion, quality and status. Only the finest of specimens are considered worthy of helping to create the MontBlanc Story. Likewise, the company have a profound respect for the animals incorporated into their beautiful leather goods. Leather craftsmen appreciate that each piece brought to them, whether deerskin, lambskin, calfskin or Southern German cowhide, has a unique story of its own to tell. Great attention is paid to the lines of the skin, which represent a moment in that animal’s life which will, in turn, shape the end design of each creation. A pair of hands will search for impurities on the surface of the leather - a sensory organ that has been refined in such as way that even the talented leather designers at MontBlanc cannot put into words.  The leather is then cut, shaped and moulded into a design that perfectly portrays the merging of both stories into one completed masterpiece. A phenomenon that requires no words.


MontBlanc leather wallets, belts and holders


Montblanc 1858 Leather Strap Watch
Montblanc Stainless Steel Cufflinks
Montblanc Starwalker Extreme Pen

Montblanc 1858 Black Dial & Brown Leather Strap Watch


Available from £36.67 per month.

Montblanc Signature Stainless Steel Cufflinks



Montblanc Starwalker Extreme Stainless Steel Fountain Pen


Available from £15.93 per month.

MontBlanc Pens




MontBlanc fountain pens are one of a kind. Few handcrafted luxury gifts are created in such detail and to such high standards than these pedigrees– standards that MontBlanc will at no cost falter on. Many breathtaking designs within MontBlanc’s writing instruments collection, provide a modern take on the brand’s core values. A floating MontBlanc emblem, the star, is engraved upon each finely carved 18k gold nib. One hundred work stages are undergone to achieve the perfect nib on each MontBlanc pen. The slightest of imperfections are detected in this case, by the craftsman’s ear. He sits patiently listening to the creation in progress, before deeming it worthy of equipping the writer with the perfect companion for all manner of situations. MontBlanc pens are reliable, built with quality materials and indispensable. Regardless of their capability to outshine any fashion or designer pen in an instance with their robustness and precision – MontBlanc fountains pens have evolved to offer a design that slots elegantly into the hand of the writer, providing indescribable comfort. MontBlanc artisans share the same passion through their veins, the same passion that has been passed down from generation to generation. A passion that brings flawless manufacturing technique in line with sophisticated style.





MontBlanc have created some stunning gentleman’s jewellery, including the likes of their exquisite MontBlanc Cufflinks collection. Each design uses a unique blend of premium materials fused with the skills of their team of talented craftsmen, to create these incredibly timeless designs, for every kind of gentleman. Whilst each design of cufflink offers an individual twist to a sophisticated evening outfit or an important office suit, the creations also facilitate the need to combine everyday life with elements of luxury. MontBlanc’s cufflinks collection is refined, understated – perfect for those gentlemen who consider taking a pride in their appearance, an obligation - not a choice. Berry’s stock some of MontBlanc’s most powerful signature designs, each one executed to a level of ultimate perfection. Some of our most popular MontBlanc cufflinks feature a classic brushed stainless steel or polished stainless steel finish. Others showcase bold, eye catching details with beautifully polished onyx centres. 


MontBlanc Accessories