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Graceful in style and graceful in presence, this stunning Kiki McDonough collection of colourful precious gemstones and fine 18ct gold finishes, is a wonderful way to celebrate the Maison's 30 years of global success. What makes Kiki McDonough jewellery so popular? The answer lies within collections such as their Grace line – a unique assortment of memorable designs that use vibrant and daring colour combinations in gemstones, diamonds and metal sets, to capture the pure essence of quintessential British jewellery craftsmanship.

Kiki McDonough Grace jewellery is distinct for its instantly recognisable round cut gemstones, not to mention the timeless heart motif which is seen in designs like the white topaz heart pendant and matching studs from our online collection. Each gemstone chosen for the design, whether that be the likes of the vibrant peridot, the green amethyst or the magnificent blue topaz stone, has been completed with a border of glistening brilliant cut diamond, chosen to lock in the vibrancy of each gemstone, providing instant maximum colour and sparkle to the lady's outfit.

As with all Kiki McDonough jewellery creations, our selection of Grace earrings and Grace pendants take inspirational cues from places and people that Kiki draws motivation from, or finds a passion in. Her visions come together in the form of playful mixes of colour from precious gemstones carefully selected from ethical sources all over the world. Once chosen, the stones are incorporated into white good or yellow gold settings and complimented with a generous helping of glistening diamonds.

The Kiki McDonough 18ct white gold white topaz heart studs are a subtle way to add a hint of glamour to your everyday look. The glassy transparent tones of the white topaz create the illusion of a large diamond centre stone. The added diamonds around the edge, help to enhance the perfect round cut of the gemstones and the magnificent lustre of the surrounding 18ct white gold metal. For something a little more adventurous, we offer the Kiki McDonough purple amethyst and diamond stud earrings, which we think make for a great Valentine’s Day gift idea. Not only are the deep rich purple tones of the amethyst a warm and romantic colour for Valentine’s Day, but the gemstone itself is also the birthstone for February. The pair of Kiki studs are thus a great way to combine a memorable romantic gift with a thoughtful sentimental gesture.

The Kiki McDonough Grace collection is also home to the detachable drop design – an innovative and exciting new way to add variation to your wardrobe with a clever idea from Kiki McDonough. The detachable drop earrings can be purchased separately, and attached to an existing pair of Kiki McDonough Grace studs to create a striking double drop earring design. This concept allows you to enjoy expressing different ways to wear all the colours of the Kiki rainbow, whilst also keeping your wardrobe fresh with ideas for each day of the week. For more inspiration, our sales team are always on hand to advise on the pricing and availability of Kiki McDonough Grace jewellery, as well as availability and pricing.