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Diving deep into the archives of one of the most reputable fashion designer houses in the world, elements of the Gucci Diamantissima collection can be found, together with the roots that sparked the making of an iconic innovation. The stunning design which features interconnecting brown diamonds interwoven inside beautiful 18ct yellow gold tones lattice-like patterns, have become a desirable look for many women seeking that luxury status. 

The Gucci Diamantissima Jewellery collection takes inspiration from some of the brand’s older designs, dating back to the 1930’s where diamond pattern was used on luggage and handbags, woven onto hemp. The stylish alternative to leather sparked a trend that was welcomed by all those in search of an affordable accessory during the pre-war shortages. Taking design cues from the Diamante Canvas, this distinct criss-cross pattern was the original print of the Florentine House. Now the intricate yet well recognised design has worked its way into the brand’s fine jewellery line and used to enhance the beautiful shades of Gucci pink gold, yellow gold and white gold innovations. 

Whilst glancing through our handpicked selection of favourite Gucci Diamantissima jewellery items, you will become familiar with the elegant drop pendants and drop earrings which are present among every creation. This, combined with the beautiful dazzle of the brown diamonds and 18ct yellow gold finishes, create an ultra-feminine design for the lady. The range is perfect for combining with an elegant evening outfit and will instantly enhance a smart skirt and blouse combination – perfect for special occasions. Each item from the Gucci Diamantissima collection is designed to compliment one another, thus are ideal for mixing and matching together. The Gucci Diamantissima 18ct Yellow Gold Drop earrings feature the famous double G logo at the top of each earring – a feature that goes hand-in-hand with the intricate craftwork of the lattice-style design. Glistening brown diamonds have been added into the pattern, to add a glamorous edge to any chosen outfit. 

We also offer two Gucci Diamantissima necklace - one on a 70cm length chain and the other a 42cm length. The necklaces are fantastic for stacking and combining with other yellow gold jewellery to create a stylish and ultra-modern look. Yellow gold jewellery is the most traditional of precious metals to wear as a piece of ladies jewellery and can be worn throughout the seasons of the year, keeping on trend with the latest fashions. Gucci Diamantissima necklaces and earrings  are detailed enough to be combined with plain yellow gold rings as well as a simple 18ct yellow gold bracelet, to create a balance of both texture and depth to an outfit. Whether for a celebratory meal out, a wedding or a luxury cruise vacation, the exciting and alluring designs of this Gucci Jewellery range exhibit the potential and the grandness of 18ct yellow gold jewellery.