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Men's Lalique cufflinks are perfect for those formal occasions that call for an accompanying accessory that is both something smart and sophisticated. For men, getting the balance just right between a luxury statement and a refined piece of jewellery can be quite difficult, yet Lalique's creations blend both elements together perfectly, without the gentleman even needing to think twice about it. Lalique cufflinks are a given as part of an overall outfit, so materials, colours, textures and tones are all important in choosing the perfect pair. Lalique cufflinks are in many cases, inspired by the original motifs created from the automobile industry back at the height of Rene Lalique's success as a glass and jewellery artist among other things.

Silver cufflinks with a slight hint of detail are great for a tuxedo, making designs from the Lalique Mascottes collection a great option. The Lalique blue eagle head cufflinks are simply stunning. The deep oceanic blue colour of the crystal is sure to create contrast and detail against a crisp grey or black suit. Perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift idea this year, Lalique cufflinks like this pair are sure to put a smile on that special loved one’s face. The eagle-inspired crystal is set inside a sterling silver frame with a polished finish that is sure to catch the light at every angle.

If needing a set of men’s cufflinks for a white tie event, then the formality of an outfit heightens even more. Lalique cufflinks again, offer a versatile style that will fit in with any dress code that the gentleman may need to comply with. The Lalique steel and crystal wings cufflinks are perfect for complimenting such attire. The glass-like transparency of the crystal used to depict the wings of a bird, helps keep the design elegant and clean. The cufflinks are finished in sterling silver and have been given a beautiful hand applied polish to their surface to create a crisp, chic look once attached to a shirt or jacket.

Cufflinks for work are not always a common “must” but can be needed especially if attending an important interview or meeting. Lalique cufflinks can certainly liven up an outfit, helping the gentleman to stand out from the crowd and veer away from the boring office look with a pair of elegant sterling silver cufflinks, created in-house at the company’s one and only manufacturing site in France. It may be whilst browsing our collection of Lalique cufflinks here at Berry's, that you find an excuse to indulge in a pair for adorning to a crisp white shirt if a jacket is not your style. The Lalique steel and blue crystal wings cufflinks boast the intricate detail involved in carving the lines and feathers of a bird's wing into the surface of a piece of deep rich blue crystal. These stylish accessories are sure to turn the heads of all those that the gentleman shakes hands with during a busy day sealing deals and signing contracts.