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Any lover of jewellery can always count on a brooch to add a splash of creativity to an outfit. It can be a subtle way for introducing a touch of elegance to an office suit or a coat in seconds, and with so many ways to wear this stylish accessory, transforming a look for a different day of the week is effortless. As official stockists of Lalique brooches here at Berry’s, we take great pride in showcasing some of the company’s most eye-catching designs to date. From brooches crafted from sterling silver and showcasing a striking piece of clear crystal, to vermeil finished designs shaped into eye-catching dragonflies, Lalique offer a myriad of different styles to suit all tastes and desires.

A Lalique brooch can be worn in many ways to create a different look each time. Whether attached to a hat or used to pin a scarf in place, those creations designed from silver are both subtle but opulent for daytime use. Those that are on the somewhat more luxurious end of the spectrum are brooches from the Lalique Libellule collection and the Fleur de Neige range. The latter takes inspiration from The Snow Maiden Opera by Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov (1882) and features a beautifully sculpted openwork pearly crystal, finished with incredible detail, which draws from the pattern of a snowflake and wintery landscapes. Lalique Libellule Brooches depict the beauty of a dragonfly and use materials like amber crystal, coral glass and light blue crystal to accentuate the vivid colours often found on the wings of this nymph. These emblematic figures of the Art Nouveau period count among some of the most ancient insects known to man.

One of our favourite Lalique brooches here at Berry’s however, has to be the Lalique sterling silver tassel brooch from the Vibrante collection. The design uses a unique combination of black crystal, clear crystal, sterling silver and black leather to create a contemporary yet elegant accessory for both daytime and evening wear. Lalique brooches are always guaranteed to look great when worn to the left or the right side of the chest, but they can also make for a surprisingly stylish embellishment when adorned to the centre of a collar to create a vintage-inspired look. The tassel-effect of this brooch design enhances femininity and can be used to create a delicate choker with a black evening dress, for example. Lalique brooches can also be attached to the bodice of a dress or a gown to create a touch of sparkle to an outfit. The contrasting tones coming from the black, silver and clear white elements of this Lalique Vibrante brooch make is a universal accessory to wear with any wardrobe choice, resulting in a definite stand-by piece of jewellery for any stylish lady.

If you have any one specific Lalique brooch in mind and have not been able to find this on our online store, our dedicated team of staff are always on hand to look into availability and pricing of special pieces with Lalique directly.