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Hublot - Swiss Luxury Watches


Created as a result of unique technical capability and centuries-old methods in watchmaking tradition, Hublot watches have been made a modern household name within the industry. The company, launched in 1980 by founder Carlo Crocco, takes its name from the French word for “porthole”. The pothole-shaped cases of Hublot watches were admired and worn by royalty in Sweden, Greece, and Spain. Later, came Jean-Claude Biver, who revitalised the company’s reputation. Now Hublot watches set benchmarks in watch manufacture, each one being a result of the latest in materials and fabrication techniques. The designs are brought to life from pencil sketches on paper, to the final prototypes before the real watchmaking process begins. Under one roof, Hublot’s team of skilled experts create all of the individual parts in-house; from the micro components in movements, to the distinguishable case structures, and the separate elements for their revolutionary dials.

Over the years, Hublot has created some iconic timepieces. The unique style and individual beauty of these watches have excelled in popularity thanks to the company’s many successful partnerships with some of the most respected athletes in the sporting industry. Some of the Big Bang Hublot watches are represented by Ferrari. The Magic Gold model is famous for its admirable scratch-resistant 18ct red gold case, whilst the MP-05 “La Ferrari” series lives up to the stamina and the endurance of the Italian cars themselves. With a breathtaking 50 hour power reserve and a complex shaped sheet of sapphire crystal, the black PVD titanium watch with carbon insert is most certainly reminiscent of the car’s distinct profile.

Some of Hublot’s Classic Fusion collection is represented by football artistry and the only football player to date to have won three world cups in his professional career – Pele. Often referred to as “The King”, the successful football player continues to inspire his fans not only through his spokesperson and philanthropist roles, but also as ambassador of this iconic Hublot watch collection, which shares the same commitment to traditional watch manufacture, as Pele shares with his passion for the sport.

No greater iconic figure within the sporting industry could represent Hublot Big Bang watches better than the “Lightening Bolt”, Usain Bolt himself. Synonymous with precision and dedication, the athlete’s attitude to success is mirrored in the passion and the same disciplined approach taken by Hublot in creating their timeless watches. The globally-recognised Jamaican sprinter has achieved great things in his life – no man has ever run such a distance in so few seconds. The 45mm skeletonised Unico Yellow Gold Usain Bolt Watch, is one of the company’s most memorable innovations to date. Assembled by hand, each component of the watch stands as an example of the painstaking perfection achieved by the respectable engineers at Hublot. Other partnership models of the Hublot universe include the likes of Basketball player, Dwyane Wade, Football Manager, José Mourinho and famous golf player Justin Rose.

It is however, not just the ambassadors of these timepieces that Hublot rely on to communicate such levels of dedication and commitment to watch manufacture, but the materials and the skill involved also. Innovative possibilities are endless at Hublot, and this is thanks to special connections between their Research & Development department and their Metallurgy & Materials laboratory who work closely together on a vision. The evolution of the Hublot watch case began with combining precious metals such as gold with rubber, but soon soared to new heights with a “sandwich” construction that allowed for the introduction of other materials, yet still featured the distinct “H” screws and bezels that have been recognized for decades.

It is without a doubt that the philosophy and the history of Hublot watches are the leading factors responsible for their success among many enthusiastic luxury wristwatch wearers today. Nowhere is Hublot’s design ethos more appreciated, than in the quality of the materials used and the technique involved in achieving such a high-end finish – a quality that is evident in each and every creation.








Big Bang 45mm Titanium/Ceramic Automatic Chronograph Watch

Big Bang 45mm Titanium/Ceramic Automatic Chronograph Watch


Available from £309.37 per month.

Classic Fusion 38mm Black Magic Men's Rubber Strap Watch

Classic Fusion 38mm Black Magic Men's Rubber Strap Watch


Available from £121.87 per month.

Big Bang 39mm 18ct King Gold Diamond Bezel Rubber Strap Watch

Big Bang 39mm 18ct King Gold Diamond Bezel Rubber Strap Watch


Available from £423.75 per month.