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GIA Certified Diamond Engagement Rings

GIA Certificated Diamond Engagement Rings

Berry's Diamond Engagement Rings
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Berry’s stock a compelling range of GIA certified diamond engagement rings for those ladies looking for nothing other than the very finest in diamond grading. Our GIA certified diamond engagement rings here in store, are graded according to what is known as “The 4 C’s”. Considered a benchmark to which all other diamond certification is compared to, the GIA grading system which takes into account the cut, the clarity, the colour and the carat, is undoubtedly second-to-none within the jewellery industry.

A GIA report on a diamond from Berry’s comes with detailed analysis on the quality of the diamond based firstly on the cut. The cut of a GIA certified diamond ring relates to its symmetry and its proportions. The angles that the diamond has been carved into, will allow light to not only reflect off its beautiful surfaces, but also pass through it. The cut of a diamond will capture light and emanate in an alluring sparkle upon the hand. 

The clarity of a GIA diamond engagement ring refers to a grade based on its imperfections. These tiny inclusions can be seen either with the naked eye or under a magnified lens, depending on the cut and the density of these identifiers. Clarity grading of a GIA certified diamond can span a scale from “flawless” to diamonds with many larger imperfections that can be seen easily with the naked eye. Many of the GIA diamonds we use for our designs here at Berry’s are of minimal blemishes and inclusions. 

The measure of diamond carat refers to the weight of the diamond rather than a reflection of the size of the diamond itself. Two diamonds can have the same carat weight but look completely different in their sizes. The carat weight of a GIA certified diamond will be reflected in how evenly the weight is distributed across the cut. For the very best balance in a beautiful GIA certified diamond engagement ring, both cut and clarity should be considered. 

Our GIA diamond rings are also measured in terms of their colour or indeed their “whiteness”. The less colour in a diamond – the rarer. Colour grades of D-F are considered colourless however, the untrained eye would not easily spot the difference in colour between a diamond engagement ring of this grading, and those labelled G-I for example. Our 18ct yellow gold diamond engagement rings are the best choice for neutralising warm tones, such as the visible colour that is found in a diamond and can also offer more flexibility when it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring with the best cut and shape for the lady’s personality.