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Coloured gemstones are a popular choice for the modern engagement ring. They put an innovative and dynamic slant on the traditional elegance of an engagement ring, yet still retain the same opulence and beauty on the finger. Pink sapphire engagement rings bring a unique femininity to the hand, enhanced by a spectacular array of pink tones that catch the light at different angles with every movement of the hand. As a top choice for the modern bride, pink sapphire engagement rings reign supreme over many other gemstone finishes. The setting and style of the ring, as well as the precious metal chosen, also have an impact the on the execution of the ring. 

Due to the variance in shade and intensity of colour in a pink sapphire engagement ring, the gemstone offers something entirely unique with each and every creation. Our handmade designs are representations of our innovations, as well as the versatility of the pink sapphire itself. The stronger the colour of this captivating gemstone, the more density the ring evokes on the lady’s finger. The cut of a pink sapphire stone can also maximise the luster and the brilliance of its profile, again complimenting the band and setting in different ways. 

Pink sapphire is also a more affordable option than the diamond engagement ring, allowing for more of your budget to go towards that all-important wedding band. This type of stone is also incredibly durable and has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, hence the sapphire’s use as a glass front for many luxury watches. Due to the superior physical qualities of a pink sapphire engagement ring, the choice in gemstone will live up to an entire lifetime of expectations and is a wonderfully unusual aesthetic to admire on the lady’s hand. 

Among our choice of spectacular pink sapphire engagement rings, one of our most popular designs is the Berry’s 18ct White Gold Round Pink Sapphire & Diamond Set Ring. The design features one large pink sapphire which sits at the very centre of the ring, emanating with a breathtaking presence that draws the eye into the heart of the ring. Surrounding the pink sapphire is a beautiful diamond pave surround.  These exquisitely sparkling diamonds are framed by an intricate millgrain edging to add further detailing and texture to the engagement ring. The rich bubblegum pink hue of the pink sapphire perfectly compliments the luster of the white gold band that it sits on. Maximising the richness and the beauty of the central pink sapphire are a pair of diamond loaded shoulders. This added sparkle on the hand gives the watch a superior finish and is particularly suited to those ladies with an affinity towards luxury and opulence. 

Alternatively, if you have seen another style of engagement ring that you would like to incorporate with a breathtaking pink sapphire stone, get in touch with a member of our jewellery design team today where we will be happy to help bring your dream design to life.