Bvlgari Yellow Gold Jewellery Collection

Our yellow gold Bvlgari jewellery collection at Berry’s, features an array of cherry-picked designs that we favour the most.
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Not only that but these designs have become some of the most popular over the years, loved for their iconic logo engraved surfaces and their beautifully polished curves. Many of the designs from the yellow gold Bvlgari jewellery collection are inspired by ancient Roman coins that once bared effigies of the Roman emperor upon their surface, surrounded by inscriptions of power and prestige. Other designs take on the stealth-like character of the spirit animal in which the Serpenti collection is centred around. These designs are crafted from warming yellow gold, combined with glistening gemstone-adorned eyes.

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Yellow gold is associated with traditional jewellery manufacture and has long appealed to ladies with a love for classic design. Bvlgari’s Italian manufacturing house however, creates pieces of jewellery that bring a modern elegance to a lady’s look without her having to go to any great lengths. These designs are effortless, creating a dramatic charm when dressed with smart, formal, elegant or casual attire. It is this versatile appeal that has gained the company so much global recognition over the decades. Yellow gold Bvlgari jewellery is straight-forward and unfussy - particularly what modern ladies of the 21st century are looking for. Gone are the days of over-the-top lavish design with extensive detailing. Ladies are now looking for sophisticated designs that communicate the “less is more” look with simple, timeless designs. 

The B.Zero1 jewellery collection showcases a number of designs crated from yellow gold. These designs take inspiration from one of the world’s most famous amphitheatres - the Colosseum. Each piece is engraved with the “Bvlgari Bvlgari” double company logo which has become one of the manufacturer’s signature design elements. 

One special feature in particularly of the company’s yellow gold Bvlgari jewellery pieces, is each one’s ability to effortlessly combine with another. The designs can be mixed and matched to create a new look every day of the week. These creations include dress rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles and bracelets - many of which can be stacked and layered to create definition and a bold sense of true Italian character. The Bvlgari B.Zero1 Yellow gold ring is a unisex design that will appeal to both male and female lovers of Bvlgari jewellery. T

he industrial-styled designs from the B.Zero1 collection like this ring mirror the curvature of Rome’s famed Colosseum and its geometric beauty. Ladies can combine this ring with designs like the Bvlgari B.Zero1 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant - a design that combines the warming golden tones of yellow gold together with the ice white sparkle of a diamond or two. This exquisite mix of materials creates an opulent ensemble that can be added to other matching pieces or worn alone as a single statement-making design. The pendant features the iconic barrel-shaped motif that plays in integral role throughout the B.Zero1 collection. The centre spiral design is present through the middle of the column and is enhanced with a row of glistening diamonds down each edge of the pendant. A stunning design for those who like their yellow gold jewellery to communicate a sense of glamour whatever outfit the pieces are combined with.

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