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Introducing a new brand to Berry’s: Grand Seiko

Staying power and accuracy are core principles met in the manufacture of every Grand Seiko watch created by world-renowned luxury wristwatch maker, Seiko. The company’s facilities based in Shizuku-Ishi Watch Studio in Iwate, Japan, has become the birthing home to many an iconic timepiece.

WOTW: TAG Heuer Monaco Final Edition Watch

The Tag Heuer Monaco watch may still bring images of Steve McQueen to mind when he sported the iconic square-shaped watch during the making of the Hollywood film “Le Man’s” in 1970, but the watch is certainly making a name for itself in many other ways as of late.

Brand Showcase: Hublot

Hublot consider themselves a young manufacturer who creates timepieces at the heart of modern day needs and desires. Catering to the tastes of today’s man and woman – every Hublot watch combines century-old methods with new fabrication techniques and materials to create aesthetically appealing wristwatches with a meaning.

Racing Inspired Watches: Our Top Picks

It’s impossible to think about racing watches without iconic racing legend and actor, Steve McQueen coming to mind. Wearing the TAG Heuer Monaco watch strapped tightly to the wrist whilst creating the film “Le Mans” (a fictionalized account of the real 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race) helped cement TAG Heuer’s relationship with auto racing and motorcycles,

Brand Showcase: Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin watches are renowned for their beautiful in-house developed mechanical movements which are matched by a wealth of expertise and know-how. These master designers, responsible for making such works of art, were known as cabinotiers,

Brand Showcase: Omega

Omega has a stellar reputation for creating some of the most iconic watch designs within the Swiss watch industry. Their timepieces which have equipped astronauts to the moon and back, along with their Master Chronometers and their Co-Axial Escapements,

Brand Showcase: TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer are a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer that is synonymous with quality and precision. Renowned the world over for creating chronometers of the very highest standard, the company made their name for creating distinguishable watches like the classic Monaco watch with its unique square shaped case,