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Discover The Bremont Hawking Limited Edition Collection

We used to think black holes contained nothing, didn’t we? That was until Professor Stephen Hawking changed the way mankind perceived and understood the universe. The world-famous theoretical physicist dedicated most of his life to researching concepts and developing ground-breaking theories that helped piece together the idea of gravitational forces, the evolution of the universe and black holes. His “Hawking Radiation” theory taught us that black holes do in fact emit thermal energy very slowly before shrinking in size. Who knew? Well, Stephen Hawking did, and that’s why British watchmaker, Bremont has collaborated closely with the Hawking family to create these limited edition Hawking watches that pay tribute to the life and work of the scientist whilst simultaneously celebrating the legend’s keen interest in time.

The combination couldn’t be more apt. A timepiece that incorporates a real slice of history within its caseback (a feature that the Henley-on-Thames watchmaker has done with every limited edition watch in the past), a poignant design that bears relevance to the date of the physician’s birth, an equation that summarises his black hole theory, and a limited edition series, purposely numbered as a reference to the year that Stephen Hawking released one of the world’s most famous science books in 1988. Meet the Bremont Hawking limited edition collection; a stainless steel with black dial and black leather strap limited to 388 pieces, an 18ct rose gold and black dial with brown leather strap limited to 88 pieces and an 18ct white gold with a deep blue dial and matching blue leather strap limited to 88 pieces. In addition to this, Bremont, who celebrates its 10th limited edition design with the launch of the Hawking model, is also offering a lady’s version in steel which marks the brand’s debut women’s limited edition watch to date, as well as the first lady’s timepiece set with scintillating diamonds.

Hawking 41mm 18ct Rose Gold Black Dial Limited Edition

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Bremont Hawking limited edition watch. All the models feature a piece of antique wood taken from a desk inherited by Stephen Hawking from his late grandmother who founded Yorkshire’s Boroughbridge girl’s school. It would be the desk that Hawking would sit at from 1975 right up until his passing two years ago. These four special wooden discs are inlaid into the surface of each watch’ caseback. In the men’s Bremont Hawking limited edition watch these discs surround a piece of meteorite set into the metal caseback, reinforcing Hawking’s connection to the cosmos. Surrounding these historical artefacts are the words “A Brief History of Time”- the title of a seminal research paper that Professor Stephen Hawking co-wrote in 1979. A piece of the original paper from this work is also provided with each watch, stamped with the model’s unique serial number. Etched into the caseback alongside this is a formula created by Hawking to explain his black hole theory. Without a doubt, it is the reverse side of the Bremont Hawking limited edition watch which holds so much significance for the legendary scientist’s family and here that a personal connection with the famous physicist develops with the wearer. Alongside these poignant tributes on the watch’s hand-finished closed caseback is an etching of the stars, arranged in the same layout as seen in the night sky on the evening of Stephen Hawking’s birth over Oxford on 8th January 1942.

Hawking 41mm Stainless Steel Black Dial Limited Edition

It’s not the first time that Bremont has entombed a significant piece of history within one of its designs. The British-born Bremont brothers are well-known for creating aviation instruments in this unique way. Pieces of historical WWII fighter jets were inlaid into the design of Bremont’s P-51 and EP120 models followed by fragments of oak timber and copper incorporated into the Bremont Victory watch. Even segments of punch cards and wood were set inside the Bremont Codebreaker watches, sourced from Hut 6 in Bletchley Park. Yet there is something so tangible and poignant about the historic references blended into the design of the Bremont Hawking. The swirled dial in each watch from the collection is black hole-inspired. All apart from the lady’s iteration that is, which instead features a complete meteorite dial with a date aperture at 3 o’clock, surrounded by a 34mm diamond-set bezel and glistening diamond-set indexes. The back of these Bremont Quantum watches is fitted with sapphire crystal glass to expose a spinning black-hole inspired tungsten rotor. The engine powering the 50-meter water-resistant lady’s Bremont Hawking Quantum watch is also where this version differs from the men’s models. The BE-92AV automatic winding Calibre delivers a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a 38-hour power reserve, while the men’s 100-meter water-resistant model is powered by the self-winding BE-33AE movement which promises a 42-hour power reserve. The lady’s model is also completed on a stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp. Both models are crafted from Bremont’s patented Trip Tick case construction. The 41mm men’s models also feature a small section on the dial’s minute track marked off as “Sunlight Travel”, which highlights the 8 minutes and 20 seconds it takes for the sun’s rays to hit the surface of the earth from the distance at which the Earth orbits around it. Complication-wise the Bremont Hawking limited edition watches feature a striking retrograde seconds hand at the 6 o’clock location, set against a light background to enhance readability. This feature is balanced beautifully by a grand date window which takes up residence at the 12 o’clock location.

All four versions of the Bremont Hawking Limited Edition watch are now available to order here at Berry’s. You can visit this link here to explore more details about each watch or call our sales team to discuss the essentials before securing yourself one of these special limited edition Bremont watches today.