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Berry’s Blog – November Birthstone

This month we are showcasing the very best of our elegant Topaz jewellery – the birthstone for November. Available in a range of colours, red Topaz is the rarest whilst the blue colours are classic for setting inside various precious metals. November is a beautiful time of the year, falling burnt orange leaves become a beautiful backdrop to our picturesque British landscapes in the run-up to the festive season. It’s also a great opportunity to wear something classic, sophisticated and understated. Topaz jewellery offers just that.

Our range of Topaz jewellery varies from captivating diamond and topaz dress rings to lustrous diamond and topaz necklaces. The timeless shades of the glassy blue colour of Topaz are a match made in heaven for contemporary metals like 18ct white gold and platinum. Capturing the essence of crisp white frosty mornings and clear blue skies, Topaz jewellery also makes a wonderful addition to a winter wardrobe.

Topaz forms in pegmatites and can also form in cavities and veins in granite rock, as well as quartz. Its name may derive from Sanskrit meaning “Tapas” – another word for fire. Others believe its name originates from the Greek word “Topazios” meaning yellow stone. It is thought that the most unusual and precious of the Topaz gemstone range is the clear type, which was used in a Portuguese crown in the 17th Century, originally thought to be a huge crystal, but now understood to be Topaz. Ancient history suggests that people believed Topaz to have special properties, able to direct energy to where it is needed in the body.

Today Topaz is a beautiful gemstone for combining inside elegant jewellery designs since it is a hard stone. Showcased inside some of our most popular designs, the light blue type enhances a contemporary beauty when styled inside 18ct white gold settings.

This dazzling diamond and Topaz dress ring will resonate with ladies who prefer lavish designs. The ring features an exquisite selection of scintillating round brilliant-cut diamonds that create two double row frames around a magnificent Topaz centre. The diamonds are nestled closely together in a pave formation. The intense blue tones of a large oval-cut topaz stone are enriched by a polished four claw 18ct white gold setting. The stunning Berry’s oval Topaz and diamond dress ring is a bold and dramatic design to add to any fine diamond jewellery collection and perfectly highlights the beauty of the November birthstone.

This remarkably delicate diamond and Topaz necklace design is a dainty piece to combine with elegant evening attire and adds a touch of colour to any outfit. The different shapes of Topaz used in this stunning design add a dynamic edge to this unusual gemstone necklace. A centrally mounted round blue Topaz stone is adorned with smaller Topaz pieces and enhanced by a teardrop frame adorned in round brilliant-cut diamonds. The stunning necklace secures to the back of the neck with a classic lobster style clasp and the chain measures a total length of 46cm with various lengths to wear the chain at. The stunning Topaz necklace will make a beautiful gift idea for any lady sharing their November birthday with this special gemstone.

This alluring Topaz and diamond necklace is also crafted from 18ct white gold but boasts a more traditional design with a timeless pear-cur Topaz stone positioned centrally to the design. The necklace combines polished white gold curved edges and crisp round brilliant-cut diamonds that catch the light playfully. Available from our Topaz jewellery collection here at Berry’s, the design is one of our most popular. Pave set round brilliant-cut diamonds are set around a pear-shaped frame in an openwork style, maximising the intense blue colour of the three claw-set Topaz centrepiece. A looped feature interlocks with a circular diamond-set bale attached to a 40-46cm trace chain crafted from matching 8ct white gold. The Topaz necklace fits securely to the back of the neck with a lobster style clasp and, as with all our Topaz and diamond jewellery designs, comes complete inside a beautiful presentation box for gifting to a loved on this November.

You can view our entire Topaz jewellery collection here for more inspiration on gift ideas with Berry’s this November.