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October Birthstone – Opal & Tourmaline

When we think of autumn, we envisage rusty yellows, rich browns and burnt oranges, but the birthstones associated with October are quite the contrary. Opal jewellery and Tourmaline jewellery are often worn by those who share their birthday with this special month of the year. Both precious gemstones add something fascinating to an all-seasons wardrobe, but what better way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or mark the birth of a new family member in October than gifting a stunning pair of Opal earrings or a Tourmaline pendant to someone special?

Opal makes great jewellery here at Berry’s. Its captivating iridescence can project flashes of colour from a precious metal setting, adding detail and interest to a lady’s chosen attire. Similarly, Tourmaline gemstone is vivid and attention-demanding, and features in many popular designs from our collection of gemstone jewellery here at Berry’s Jewellers.

A tiny arrangement of silica spheres refract the light to create a beautiful spectrum of colour in a piece of Opal jewellery. The larger the spheres the greater the range of colour. Over 95% of the gemstone is sourced from Australia, yet other sources do include Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and the USA. One major reason why Opal jewellery has remained such a popular addition to any modern jewellery collection is since each piece of stone is unique. No two cuts of the stone will ever be the same.

From a pale petal pink to a deep fuchsia colour, our pieces of Tourmaline jewellery also vary in style and colour. Tourmaline also comes in a range of yellow and citrus colours that complement modern lustrous platinum or white gold settings. Tourmaline is considered the alternative gemstone to Opal as the birthstone for October, so we thought we’d put both stones under the spotlight this month. Not just for birthdays, however, the stone is also commonly used to mark an 8th wedding anniversary. One of the unique features of Tourmaline is how it can appear a different colour depending on the angle you look at it. We also showcase bi-colour versions of Tourmaline in our collection, boasting a deep pink colour merging into rich greens.

Opal birthstone jewellery

At Berry’s, we spend time picking the most elegant of designs to showcase within our Opal jewellery collection. This captivating deep blue Opal gemstone is enhanced by the classic diamond and creates a breathtakingly beautiful ocean blue hue with extraordinary flashes of green light inside. The Opal pendant will look perfect with elegant evening attire worn for a special occasion. But whether it’s a glamorous dinner dress or wedding attire you choose to match this Opal pendant with, the modern sheen of the gemstone’s setting is sure to impart a sense of modernity with its polished 18ct white gold frame adorned in a halo of scintillating round brilliant-cut diamonds.

The halo of stones put the deep blue colours of the 3.52 carat Opal stone on centre-stage, magnifying its intense shades. More diamond detail is used for the intricate bale design that attaches the pendant to the chain. Pear-cut diamonds are featured up the length of the bale, finishing with a pear-cut diamond surrounded by a round brilliant-cut diamond halo. With a diamond carat weight of 1.15 carats, this 18ct white gold and Opal pendant priced at £9,995 is the ultimate gift idea for a wedding anniversary or October birthstone this season.

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Tourmaline birthstone jewellery

If Tourmaline jewellery appeals more to you, we have a stunning range of designs incorporating this colourful gemstone here at Berry’s. You can check the entire range out here for more details.

These Green Tourmaline drop earrings crafted from 18ct white gold are a firm favourite of ours. The design boasts swirling lines and flowing curves that embody a sense of femininity combined with a take on natural shapes. The marquise-cut diamonds echo delicate leaves that catch the light on a dewy morning. Other round brilliant-cut diamonds are used in a sweeping form, holding the base of an oval cut Green Tourmaline stone into place. As the diamonds reach up to the top of the design they lead to a larger round brilliant-cut diamond which sits against the ear lobe. Securing with a classic post and butterfly fastening, the four claw set Green Tourmaline centrepiece of these gemstone earrings priced at £6,795 will make for a stunning addition to any lady’s jewellery collection this October.

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For Art Deco jewellery lovers, this Pink Tourmaline and Rose gold pendant priced at £2,495 imbues a subtle vintage-inspired design thanks to its use of the classic princess cut. The pendant is crafted from 18ct rose gold and features a large alluring Pink Tourmaline gemstone combined with a princess-cut diamond bale. Both stones are held securely in place by a timeless four claw setting, enabling light to penetrate through each stones’ side. Any lady who frequently opts for rose gold jewellery to add a touch of opulence and femininity to her wardrobe will certainly fall in love with this very special gemstone pendant from Berry’s.

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With so many ways to style both of these beautiful October birthstones, Opal and Tourmaline jewellery pieces are a great way to enjoy colour all year through. You can enjoy a timeless piece of jewellery that means something personal to you without it losing its sense of meaning. Shop all October birthstone jewellery with Berry’s today and explore our exciting range of Opal jewellery and Tourmaline jewellery from our gemstone collection right here.