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Choosing the right cut for your engagement ring

Are you the kind of bride in search of something new when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring? Or would you prefer to play it safe with a trusty traditional engagement ring style? While you may have decided on your favourite material and stone, there is much more to consider before setting your sights on your dream engagement ring. The type of cut used in an engagement ring can determine how it looks on your hand, how it catches the light and how it sits alongside other pieces of jewellery worn every day. While it’s easy to get caught up in the moment when shopping for engagement rings, taking the time to explore different stone cuts and how these look on the hand is more important than you may initially think.

An engagement ring is for life. When you find that special someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with, your engagement ring should reflect many details about you and your individual taste. It should be finished in your favourite precious metal, incorporate a stone of your choice that means something significant to you, and should be able to compliment your future wedding ring. Luckily, there’s a myriad of different stone cuts to choose from when exploring different engagement ring styles. Each type of cut will create a unique display of fire and brilliance depending on the style of the ring and its setting. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular stone cuts found in engagement ring designs, and the advantages of each one.

Round-cut engagement rings

The round-cut reigns over all others as the most popular and versatile type of stone cut. Round brilliant-cut solitaire diamond engagement rings exude classic, understated beauty on the finger, while other designs may feature more than one round-cut diamond or stone. Engagement rings with round-cut diamonds maximise sparkle, enabling light to pass through each side of the stone for a true reflection of light. The face-up area of a round-cut stone is not as large as other popular cuts like the baguette or princess, however, thanks to its intense sparkle, it will appear more dramatic.

Cushion-cut engagement rings

The cushion-cut stone is a combination of square cuts and rounded edges. This type of cut also has larger facets which maximise brilliance. Here at Berry’s Jewellers, we have a large range of cushion-cut diamond engagement rings to choose from, as well as a variety of different precious metals and various gemstone versions to explore if adding a splash of colour to your look appeals to you.

Princess-cut engagement rings

The princess-cut is another hugely popular stone shape to incorporate into an engagement ring design. Its face-up shape, paired with rectangular or square sides emits a dazzling display of light. Because of the elongated shape of the popular princess cut, the stone can often look larger than a round-cut stone, since its corner-to-corner length exceeds the diameter of a round-cut stone.

Oval-cut engagement rings

Oval-cut stones still possess much of the brilliance of a round-cut stone but thanks to their lengthened shape, they’re able to elongate the finger, making it look slimmer and more elegant.

Emerald-cut engagement rings

This stone is a step cut that creates a display of light with a difference. In a “hall of mirrors” effect, emerald-cut stones look clean and dramatic, and similar to the princess-cut, can create the impression of a longer, slimmer finger. Engagement ring designs that feature just one emerald-cut stone create a beautiful contemporary finish on the hand, while those designs with two or more stones can sometimes create a subtle Art-Deco-inspired look.

Pear-cut engagement rings

Pear-cut stones exude an unusual shape and appearance compared to round-cut stones and culminate a feminine, elegant look when worn. Pear-cut stones are also a more affordable alternative to the classic round-cut stones. Our exquisite pear-cur diamond engagement ring designs here at Berry’s Jewellers look beautiful in white gold and platinum settings, as seen here.

Marquise-cut engagement rings

Marquise-cut stones have the largest face-up surface of all the different types of stone cut. They can look much larger than they measure in reality. If glamorous, eye-catching diamond engagement rings are more suited to your style, you may prefer a design from our marquise-cut diamond engagement rings collection.

Asscher-cut engagement rings

Diamonds that have been Asscher cut work beautifully inside vintage-inspired and Art Deco jewellery designs. The stone’s octagonal lines create a stunning windmill pattern of fire and brilliance.

Heart-cut engagement rings

What better way to encapsulate the passion and love two people share for one another than with a heart-cut diamond? Heart cut engagement rings personify love with their elegant and dainty stone shape. This type of cut is often held inside a prong setting to protect it, and features a smaller face-up surface than the classic round-cut.

Radiant-cut engagement rings

Radiant-cut diamonds put on a breath-taking show of fire and brilliance with their truncated corners that make it more durable than a princess or emerald cut. Elongated radiant-cut stones can also appear larger in size compared to the round-cut type.

For more inspiration on the different types of engagement ring designs on offer here at Berry’s Jewellers, you can browse our entire range of white gold, platinum and yellow gold engagement rings, along with a choice in stone, style and cut here.