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#BerrysShowcase: Berry’s 18ct White Gold Cultured Pearl Pendant and Earrings

Pearl – the gem of the sea. It has a history that traces back thousands of years. Whether you love wearing pearls for their captivating charm and beauty, or because they instil a sense of sentimental value when worn, these versatile white gemstones are timeless and refined. What’s more, they’re unique in the fact that they’re the only gemstone formed within a living creature.

This week we bring you one of our favourite pearl and diamond designs. Our 18ct white gold cultured pearl and diamond pendant with matching earrings that can either be purchased together or separately. Wear them as a set or as a single addition to elegant wear – this flawless, smooth and lustrous gemstone will shine bright no matter how you choose to wear it. If your birthday is fast approaching, make a few subtle hints to your partner this month. No doubt he’s looking for an extra special gift that will overcome the uncertainty and loneliness we have all been feeling over the last few months. The pearl jewellery pieces we’re about to show you here are showstopping 2020 gifts to indulge in this season.

From a grain of sand…

Pearls grow naturally without any external intervention. All it takes is a tiny grain of sand or foreign particle to enter a mollusc. Over time the mollusc produces a nacre over the surface of the foreign object – the living organism’s defence mechanism. The layers that build up over the years form the beginnings of the iridescent gemstone that we have all come to love and admire. Natural pearls are much harder to find than cultured pearls, although both are, of course, naturally formed. Cultured pearls are developed in the same way but to start their process, a pearl farmer will intervene by injecting a grain of sand into the mollusc.

Each piece of pearl jewellery is as unique as a fingerprint. It grows to its own shape and size which is one of the reasons why craftsmen enjoy working with the pearl when developing new and exciting jewellery designs. This 18ct white gold cultured pearl necklace combines the modern elegance of white gold with a network of dainty diamond-encrusted strands that interweave effortlessly with one another. This is a design for women who like light and delicate-looking jewellery designs. The centrepiece to the pendant is the crown jewel of the design, adding luminosity and radiance to the skin.

A total diamond weight of 0.76ct is incorporated into this scintillating pearl pendant. The large central South Sea white pearl is held neatly inside a halo of light formed by each tiny round brilliant cut diamond. The pendant is versatile enough to wear with formal attire or an elegant dress come the evening time and secures to the back of the neck with a refined lobster style clasp.

Discover the Berry’s 18ct White Gold Cultured Pearl & Diamond Pendant here

The perfectly round sphere…

The process behind cultivating pearls is a unique, time consuming and meticulous one, which in turn, produces this breathtakingly perfect sphere of whiteness. Pearls are loved for their purity and their flawless, unblemished appearance which works well whether set inside a gold, silver or platinum piece of jewellery.

The matching stud earrings mirror the same design as the pendant. The white South Sea cultured pearl held at the centre of each earring perfectly encapsulates the beauty of the gemstone and its unique formation. These earrings are part of our Bridal Jewellery collection here at Berry’s and are showcased alongside a plethora of 18ct white gold designs from our huge range of fine jewellery. From plain 18ct white gold wedding bands to white gold and diamond bracelets – the pearl is as versatile as it is beautiful and can be matched with various jewellery designs. No two jewellery designs come together more seamlessly, however than these two.

Securing with a practical post and butterfly fastening, these earrings boast a total diamond weight of 0.71ct and, just like the pendant, are exclusive to our Berry’s collections.

Discover Berry’s 18ct White Gold Cultured Pearl & Diamond Earrings here

Pearls in the modern world…

There are so many reasons why the pearl is loved by the lady. The gemstone can add a distinct glow to the skin, exuding a sense of confidence and adding a touch of individuality to any outfit. If you’ve owned a piece of pearl jewellery before, you’ll be more than familiar with how versatile this special gemstone is. As an expression of purity, the pearl has evolved with us over the years. When we think of the classic pearl, we think of Hollywood glam icons like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. But today, the likes of Gigi Hadid and Harry Styles are sporting these iridescent balls of beauty with the latest fashion trends.

One of the biggest advantages of wearing pearls is that they can soften-up a disciplined or structured look, by adding playing undertones to a formal wardrobe. We celebrated seashell jewellery last year, and it certainly looks like pearls are set to remain a staple piece of women’s jewellery collections all over the globe once again.

The June-born lady…

Not only is the pearl a symbol of purity and clarity, but it’s also the birthstone celebrated by ladies born in the month of June. Pearl has been widely popular over the centuries because of its natural beauty which has stood the test of time. If you’re in need of a self-indulgent birthday treat this month, or in search of the perfect birthday gift for a loved one – this pearl and diamond pendant and earrings set is a timeless duo to enjoy all year round.