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Berry’s Showcase: 18ct Rose Gold Diamond Pave Butterfly Pendant and Earrings

Ever wanted to refresh your look? No other creature as magical or as cherished throughout the entire course of history will enable you to do it better than the majestic butterfly. 

Take a look at our diamond pave set butterfly necklace with matching stud earrings. Delicately shaped and incorporating elements of authentic craftsmanship, the matching pair belongs to our compelling rose gold and diamond jewellery collection here at Berry’s Jewellers. 

Maybe the idea of a special piece of butterfly jewellery appeals to you but you can’t decide on a design? Or maybe you’re looking to gift a new piece of butterfly jewellery to someone who already owns one of more butterfly pieces from Berry’s? These elegant butterfly earrings and a pairing butterfly pendant that you can either purchase together or separately, are versatile and stylish for wearing to countless occasions. But what makes the butterfly such an alluring creature to wear on clothes, brooches, scarves, and jewellery? 

An influential symbol in ancient cultures…  

Thousands of years ago, the people of Native American tribes would associate the butterfly with sleep and dreams, believing that magical dreams were brought to them in their sleep by a butterfly. Small charm-like tokens were attached to the hair or clothes of a baby, carved into the shape of a butterfly, believing that it would bring the child sweet dreams. It was also believed, particularly by Pueblo tribes of southeastern Arizona and northwest Mexico, that the colourful butterfly carries hopes and wishes to the spirits above. 

A symbol of transformation… 

In many modern-day cultures, the butterfly is associated with change. Initially trapped within its body but then freed into a new life, many people turn to keeping a butterfly charm close to them as a symbol of change at the end of a long journey. As one of the most popular tattoo designs for women all over the world, the butterfly image acknowledges women as free spirits. What does the butterfly motif mean to you? 

Ways to uniquely wear butterfly jewellery … 

One of the advantages of the butterfly symbol is that is can be crafted and presented in several ways. This 18ct rose gold diamond pave set butterfly necklace and earrings set will appeal not only to lovers of elegant and dainty jewellery designs, but also those with an affinity towards the classic diamond. The arrangement of the stones in this design includes a central round brilliant cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds in a pave formation. These scintillating pieces of jewellery can be worn with sophisticated daytime attire or something more glamorous for the evening. The butterfly motifs that attach to the ears with a post and butterfly fasten, create the impression that the creature has just landed upon the skin, while the motif on the necklace looks as if captured mid-flight. 

The butterfly may symbolise something personal to you. Maybe a special moment shared with a loved one or a location that brings back fond memories. For others, a piece of butterfly jewellery like the earrings showcased in this blog may be perfect for adding a subtle touch of finesse to an everyday look. 

Shop the Berry’s 18ct Rose Gold Pave Set Diamond Butterfly Stud Earrings here

A butterfly pendant is an ideal gift for anyone who needs reminding that change and transformation are possible at any stage of life. Just like the colourful winged creature as it emerges from its chrysalis in a new form, these elegant pieces of rose gold diamond pave butterfly jewellery can transform and reinvent a fresh new look throughout the seasons. 

Shop Berry’s 18ct Rose Gold Diamond Pave Set Side Butterfly Pendant here

How do you wear your butterfly jewellery? We’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s time for a self-indulgent treat this month or a gift idea for or a birthday that is fast approaching, these timeless rose gold and diamond butterfly earrings and pendant promise to bring something charming and unique to any jewellery collection this season.