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March Birthstone- Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Once believed to calm rough waters and protect sailors from harm, the popular gemstone has continued to be used as a stunning, fresh and clean colour for combining with precious metals in luxury jewellery designs. The gemstone is mainly used in white gold, silver and platinum jewellery due to its ability to enhance the silvery lustrous shades of these metals in particular. Aside from representing a birthday in March, Aquamarine is also the gem for marking a 19th wedding anniversary! It’s believed to reawaken love and bring happiness to two individuals sharing life together.

One of the advantages of Aquamarine is its huge spectrum of colour. There are soft pale blue to sky-blue to vivid turquoise variations of this beautiful gemstone. It grows in a hexagonal shape and is often transparent, allowing light to pass through its sides creating a magnificent colour. Another advantage of the Aquamarine gemstone is that is measures 7.5 on the Mohs scale, thus it’s one of the harder gemstones in jewellery manufacture. Since it’s a hard stone, Aquamarine is easy to work with, enabling manufacturers to create many innovative designs that celebrate its natural beauty, often accompanied with scintillating diamonds that add further sparkler and a clean crisp look to a design.

Whether you are drawn to the Aquamarine gemstone for its striking fresh blue colour, or whether you, in fact, share your birthday in March with this precious stone, there are many ways you can enjoy Aquamarine in jewellery designs.

Our Aquamarine and diamond white gold pendant and our Aquamarine and diamond white gold earrings are matching designs that can be worn together but also enjoyed separately for those occasions that warrant just a little touch of finesse and opulence.

The first piece of Aquamarine jewellery we have chosen is the pendant. It demonstrates just how beautiful the Aquamarine gemstone can look in a piece of jewellery, especially when shaped into a stunning cut like the pear cut. The pendant features a large piece of Aquamarine surrounded by a diamond pave border. The specially selected round brilliant cut diamonds used in the design create a halo of light around the crisp blue tones of the gemstone. We love how the pendant hangs from an elegant diamond set bale along with three single diamonds held inside classic claw settings. White gold is the perfect choice of metal for this stunning pendant design exclusive to our gemstone jewellery collections here at Berry’s. It secures beautifully to your neck with a practical white gold lobster style clasp – perfect for attaching and taking off after wearing it to a birthday party or a special romantic dinner for two.

Shop Berry’s 18ct White Gold Aquamarine And Diamond Surround Drop Pendant here

The second piece we want to show you is this exquisite pair of earrings. We think the Aquamarine earrings make for the perfect gift for a loved one’s birthday this March, whether you accompany them with the matching pendant or not! Again, the pear cut Aquamarine stone is surrounded by a round brilliant cut diamond pave border. This time the top of the design is encrusted with more diamonds, attaching the drop to the ears. The snap-style clasp ensures a close and secure fit against the ears, making them perfect for wearing during special daytime celebratory occasions or an evening event.

Shop Berry’s 18ct White Gold Aquamarine And Diamond Surround Drop Earrings here

So whether you’re wanting to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of Aquamarine jewellery, or whether you’re in search of the perfect gift for a friend, wife or mother this March, our Aquamarine and diamond jewellery designs here at Berry’s should give you more than enough inspiration to find a piece of jewellery that brings out the beauty of its wearer as well as a design that is sure to put a smile upon the face of a loved one.

You can explore our full range of Aquamarine and diamond jewellery pieces at Berry’s here, or why not enquire before popping into one of our boutiques to view our try on your favourite Aquamarine jewellery designs whilst you meet our specialist staff in person?