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Berry’s Showcase: Berry’s Pear Cut Fancy Cross Over Ring Collection

As a symbol of enduring grace and style, nothing completes an outfit quite like a cross over fancy ring. Over the years our collection of fancy rings and diamond dress rings here at Berry’s has grown, providing unrivalled choice when it comes to finding the perfect statement piece to a favourite cocktail dress or work outfit. Our cross over rings collection features the likes of plain 18ct rose gold, yellow gold and white gold designs, as well as platinum cross over rings adorned in scintillating round brilliant cut diamonds and multi strand cross over diamond rings for a more detailed design option.

This elegant trio of cross over fancy rings however, is a new addition to our collection of fine diamond jewellery designs at Berry’s. The rings feature a pear cut diamond halo design with a choice between an accompanying pear cut ruby gemstone, sapphire gemstone or classic diamond. Whether you’re a lover of colourful gemstone jewellery designs or a lady born in the month of September or July, both the ruby and the sapphire diamond cross over fancy ring designs are a great way to incorporate a special birthstone into everyday attire. Alternatively, the all-diamond fancy cross over ring offers a timeless and classic design that can donate a glamorous touch to a smart work outfit or elegant evening attire.

The first of the three rings is the pear shape diamond and ruby crossover fancy ring. Crafted from platinum, each diamond incorporated into the design is brought to life by the modern lustrous sheen of its platinum setting. Rubies are the birthstone for July, making this elegant cross over fancy ring the perfect gift to present to a loved one on her birthday. The special gemstone is admired for its pink to blood red tones – a traditional cardinal gem. The captivating deep red hue of a ruby is what has made the gemstone so popular for wearing as a piece of jewellery. Ranging from a deep red colour with a purple tinge, to a pale rose petal red, the stone is by far one of the most common gemstones to wear in an engagement ring or dress ring. Due to its richness and its magnificent, eye-catching tones, ruby looks breath-taking in a platinum jewellery design like this fancy cross over diamond ring. The pale pink sapphire which was mined by ancient Hindu and Burmese miners in the 8th century BC was believed to be a ruby that had not yet ripened. In this cross over ring design the pear cut ruby sits above a lower set pear cut diamond. Each stone is surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds. The ring can be paired with a number of platinum ruby designs from our collection. For more inspiration you can take a look at our range of platinum ruby and diamond jewellery designs here

View the Berry’s Platinum Pear Shape Diamond And Ruby Cross Over Fancy Ring here

The platinum pear shape diamond and sapphire cross over fancy ring boasts deep cornflower blues radiating from a birthstone that is cherished for representing the month of September. The same design features a pear cut diamond encased within a round brilliant cut diamond border, with an exquisite pear cut sapphire stone adorned to the other end of the polished platinum band. Sapphire is a tough and durable gem that is considered the second hardest in the world after the classic diamond. Being a pleochroic stone, it displays colour of different intensities depending on how it is viewed under varying angles of light. Its excellent transparency makes for the perfect addition to any fine jewellery design, especially when combined with lavish sparkling diamonds like this magnificent platinum cross over fancy ring. Sapphires are a popular choice for wearing in an engagement ring and look particularly breath-taking when set inside a white gold or platinum mount to enrich and heighten the gemstone’s impressive blue colour. Other platinum sapphire and diamond jewellery designs for pairing with this fancy ring can be found here.

View the Berry’s Platinum Pear Shape Diamond And Sapphire Cross Over Fancy Ring here

The classic diamond version of this cross over fancy ring design is again crafted from platinum but features two pear cut diamonds – one sitting above the other. The round brilliant cut diamond halo that wraps around each pear cut diamond creates the impression of a much larger whole diamond, since the fire and brilliance of each stone unites to create a spectacular display of light and radiance. Diamond is the toughest gemstone. Its story begins over 500 million years ago, deep in the earth’s mantle where it formed under immense pressure. Said to be a girl’s best friend, diamonds are by far the most popular choice in precious stone to wear in a jewellery design. Diamonds look superb in platinum sets like this fancy cross over diamond ring – the larger cuts of which are normally accompanied by smaller sparkling diamonds as seen in this halo formation. Available in an array of different shapes and with varying levels of clarity, colour and cut – the popular diamond looks as captivating as ever in this new and innovative addition to our fine diamond jewellery designs here at Berry’s.

View the Berry’s Platinum Pear Shape Diamond Cross Over Fancy Ring here