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How Have Wedding Styles Changed Over The Decades?

Whilst browsing our bridal jewellery collections and wedding jewellery collections here at Berry’s, you’ll more than likely see a varied assortment of different styles and designs. But how can so many of these styles be in fashion all at once you may ask? Well… whilst jewellery design has certainly evolved over the decades, you may be surprised to see just how many modern day jewellery designs still encompass olde-worlde accents from an era gone by.

Let’s take a look at some of the styles of the past century and how our bridal and wedding jewellery designs here at Berry’s compare to these…


This era saw stars like Gladys Cooper wear white-on-white colour schemes and plenty of diamonds and sapphires. Peacock feathers were a desired look, as were long necklaces and tassels. Fashion designers wanted to achieve a more naturalistic look which often accompanied platinum beads.

This Platinum cushion cut sapphire and diamond set surround ring from Berry’s defines ultimate elegance with its rich blue central gemstone that is sure to look flawless against the bride-to-be’s skin. The cushion cut gemstone is surrounded by a mixture of round brilliant cut diamonds and baguette cut diamonds adorned in a delicate millgrain frilled edging that is reminiscent of 1910 fashion.

View this Berry’s Platinum Cushion Cut Sapphire & Diamond Set Surround Ring here.


Glamour, luxury and wealth was certainly the message conveyed by jewellery wearers of the 1920’s. The era was strongly influenced by art deco styles. Materials seen during this time were white gold, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and pearls, often reflecting contradictory geometric styles that were used in architecture.

These gorgeous cultured pearl and diamond earrings from our Bridal collection here at Berry’s, are crafted from alluring 18ct white gold and exude an air of elegance when combined with a bridal dress and a matching piece of pearl jewellery around the neck. The pearls are enriched by a generous handful of diamonds set into a loose petal designed frame, adding a touch of elegance to formal office wear, an evening dress or something a little more casual at the weekend.

View these Berry’s 18ct White Gold Cultured Pearl & Diamond Earrings here.


The 1930’s era was all about Hollywood glamour, with world-famous stars wearing bold, vibrant pieces of highly polished gold jewellery. Wedding styles and bridal jewellery reflected this style. Ladies wanted to attract attention when walking down the aisle and you couldn’t blame them!


Emerald cut stones were a popular choice seen in many wedding jewellery designs, like this Berry’s platinum emerald cut diamond engagement ring. It features a large emerald cut diamond centrepiece secured inside a classic four claw set, framed by a round brilliant cut diamond surround.

View this Berry’s Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond & Surround Engagement Ring here.


Elegance and glamour were desired looks of the 1940’s era. Marilyn Monroe sang about diamonds being a girl’s best friend and she was right. Women all over Britain wanted to spend big on the diamond – the bigger the better – not much has changed in that respect!

One of our most spectacular engagement rings is our simple yet breath-taking GIA certified brilliant cut diamond engagement ring set in the finest polished platinum. With a cut, colour and clarity grade of the very highest quality, this diamond is certified and issued by an accredited independent gemological laboratory.

View this Berry’s GIA Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Set In Platinum here.


Platinum was a material seen throughout the 1950’s which was used to communicate a look of “ultimate elegance”. Classic and light, textural designs demonstrated an emphasis on gemstones.  Matching sets were also introduced.

We still share a love for colourful gemstones combined with the modern lustre of a polished platinum set. This Berry’s platinum oval cut ruby and diamond trilogy ring is the perfect design to represent the past, the present and the future of a special relationship between two love ones.

View this Berry’s Platinum Oval Ruby & Diamond Trilogy Ring here.


Beads, floral motifs and bright colours along with layered necklaces represented the 1960’s most accurately. Cocktail rings, handcrafted pieces of exquisite jewellery and bohemian styles also. Jackie Kennedy influenced jewellery and fashion trends during this time.

This Berry’s 18ct white gold diamond set daisy bracelet from our bridal jewellery collection demonstrates how elegance can be added to a bridesmaid dress with a simple, delicately crafted floral jewellery design. The bracelet features a stunning daisy motif set with 19 brilliant cut diamonds.

View this Berry’s 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Daisy Bracelet here.


Bold and daring statement pieces were worn by ladies of the 70’s who showed no fear when it came to expressing their personality and unique taste whilst walking down the aisle. Gold was the metal choice of this era – a material that was often combined with richer, deeper textures and colours.


Our Berry’s The Eve Collection 18ct yellow gold GIA certified single stone diamond ring with these exquisite diamond set shoulders, is the perfect statement piece if you’re looking for a ring that will dress any outfit up whether daytime attire or an evening ensemble. The lavish design features a generous helping of diamonds on the band as well as its show-stopping diamond centrepiece.

View this Berry’s The Eve Collection 18ct Yellow Gold GIA Certified Single Stone Diamond And Diamond Shoulders 0.70ct Ring here.


The 80’s was all about big hair, big personalities and big jewellery designs. Mixing and matching different jewellery together was acceptable, as was gemstone costume jewellery.

These attention-demanding sapphire drop earrings from our bridal collection are perfect for adding to a platinum bangle and an elegant bridesmaid dress. A detailed diamond design which sits next to the skin sets-off the rich blue sparkle of the classic gemstone cut into a pear shape. The look can be completed with our matching Berry’s 18ct white gold pear cut sapphire pendant.

View these Berry’s 18ct White Gold Diamond & Pear Shaped Sapphire Cluster Drop Earrings here.


Floral motifs again made a comeback in jewellery designs of the 1990’s. The classic choker necklace also became an iconic look with a wedding dress.

Our 18ct white gold diamond set daisy necklace will look as elegant as ever when combined with soft shades at a Spring wedding this year. Attention to detail and delicate craftsmanship has wavered very little since the 1990’s.

View this Berry’s 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Daisy Pendant here.


Loop earrings and layered chain necklaces were the “in” look around ten years ago, so were diamonds in great quantities. Little has changed since wedding occasions have always called for spectacular sparkling diamond pieces whether small or large – the perfect excuse for looking glamorous and ultra-feminine.

This Berry’s platinum engagement ring showcasing a pear cut GIA certified diamond at its centre with a breathtaking diamond pave surround, is the perfect piece of jewellery to go down on one knee to and is sure to sit beautifully alongside a polished platinum wedding band on the big day.

View this Berry’s Platinum Halo Set Pear Shaped Diamond & Pave Set Shoulders Engagement Ring here.


Current jewellery trends are non-restrictive and that’s the fun thing about getting wed this decade. You can be as bold, as colourful or as understated as you like.

For a Spring wedding, designs like our 18ct white gold cultured pearl and diamond earrings and pendant are the perfect duo to kit out your elegant bridesmaids this season.

View this Berry’s 18ct White Gold Cultured Pearl & Diamond Pendant here.